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Size Guide

Choose the right size

Bokynas are true to size, so to get the best fit choose your regular shoe size. If you are between two sizes we recommend choosing the larger shoe size and adjusting to fit with the strings.

Our SOULMATE and SEASTAR models fit best on normal and narrow feet.

Wide feet? All sandals in the FREEDOM Collection are exclusively available in wide-width sizes.

Soulmate / Seastar / Waves Freedom Wide
AU/US UK EU Sole Length Sole Width Sole Length Sole Width
5 3 36 23.7 cm 9 cm 24.5 cm 10 cm
6 4 37 24.5 cm 9 cm 25 cm 10 cm
7 5 38 25 cm 9 cm 25.5 cm 10.5 cm
8 6 39 26 cm 9.5 cm 25.7 cm 10.5 cm
9 7 40 26.7 cm 9.7 cm 26.3 cm 10.5 cm
10 8 41 27 cm 10 cm 27 cm 11 cm
11 9 42 27.7 cm 10 cm 27.7 cm 11 cm
12 10 43 28.5 cm 10 cm 28.5 cm 11.5 cm
13 11 44 29 cm 10.7 cm 29 cm 11.5 cm

 * Heel thickness: 2 cm, Front thickness: 1.1 cm

Please note: The lengths on our size chart are the ACTUAL sandal dimensions.


Are the cords adjustable?

Yes, by shifting the side cords at the heel, the Bokynas can be made narrower.

Do the Bokynas have a footbed or insole?

Bokynas do not have a footbed or insole, but have a comfortable and flexible sole.

Isn't the band between the toes uncomfortable? 

The ribbons that the bands are made of are very soft. But don't take our word for it - here is what one of our wonderful customers Alisson says: "The cords fit super, are butter soft, and you don't notice them at all. Alisson purchased a pair of Turquoise Soulmates on 25 May 2022.

Do the bokynas fit on a Hallux Valgus?

As the extent and location of each person's bunion will be different, it is difficult to give one answer to suit everyone. We have had previous great feedback from customers who have purchased the SOULMATE model, as the bunion fits exactly into the gap between the straps. However, this result cannot be generalised for every unique customer situation.

Do the Bokynas fit a high instep? 

Because the size of each person's arch will be different, it is difficult to give one answer that will suit everyone. If your arch is very high you may not be able to tighten the straps enough to make sure the sandals stay firmly on your feet. However, this result can not be generalised for every unique customer situation.

If you have any questions, write us a message.

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