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Enter the Bokyna state of mind and turn every day into a lovely and positive experience. Our sandals are the ideal choice regardless of what your feet need - wider or narrower builds, smaller or larger sizes, we've got you covered. In this way, you can start each day on the right foot with a pair of shoes that completes any outfit and feels gentle on the feet as well.

Handmade with love

Each pair of sandals in our online shop is made in Thailand with the utmost care and attention to detail by a team of skilled artisans with years of experience under their belt. That's why they not only look great but feel fabulous too.

100% Vegan Materials

Every piece of fabric and material that goes into Bokyna sandals is entirely vegan and free of any animal by-products. With our footwear, you protect every living being on top of Mother Earth herself.

Suitable for any occasion

Bokyna sandals are versatile and adaptable, allowing you to take yours out on the town, to the beach, on holiday, or even at the office. Dress them up with more elegant pieces or keep them casual, it’s your choice. Their water-repellent materials and sturdy build make them the optimal shoe for most weather conditions and terrains.

Made to last

Crafted after sturdy designs and using the highest quality materials the market has to offer, they can withstand almost any weather conditions and daily wear and tear. When you choose our footwear, you choose a long-term friend.

Our Mission

We wish to bring joy and comfort into the life of every person that chooses to wear our products. We accomplish this every day by using the highest quality materials bound together with care by patient and loving hands.

Our Mission

We source our materials carefully and utilize them with respect for the planet and its people. By using ethically-sourced, 100% vegan compounds, we want to lay the foundation of a community where we do good and expect good in return.

Tree Project

Every single pair of sandals in the BOKYNA online store is handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, using 100% vegan, durable and reliable materials. However, we want to give our planet even more in return.

This is why we’ve joined forces with Eden Reforestation Projects and vowed to plant a tree for every pair of sandals we sell.












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